Aluminum fencing  offers the beauty and protection of aluminum fencing without the maintenance. It is available in a wide array of styles, colors, and heights that add aesthetic appeal  and value to any property.

RM Fence and Deck Solutions specializes in the expert installation of wood, vinyl, chain link, ornamental iron and aluminum fencing; as well as gates, and all wood, vinyl and Trex decks. Committed to high quality customer service, each installation begins with a complimentary estimate. Our knowledgeable staff will review the fencing styles available to you, answering any questions that you may have. Before the installation, each piece of lumber, iron/aluminum/vinyl panel is inspected to ensure it meets our strict company standards. At RM Fence and Deck we ensure that each installation is done by trained professionals.

As a standard practice, we will remove and dispose of your old fence, sorting and recycling each component. RM Fence and Deck Solutions is  committed to the installation of quality products at a competitive price, with respect for our customers and our environment. If you are a resident of the Saratoga and Upstate NY areas contact  RM Fence and Deck Solutions for your free fencing or deck estimate!

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Durable, maintenance-free and cost-effective, vinyl decking lasts years longer than its wood counterpart.. Vinyl decking is a nonporous, weather-resistant surface that easily cleans and resists stains — and never needs sealing or painting. 

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A proper fence will work wonders to enhance the façade of your building, while keeping your employees and goods more safe and secure against harm and theft. The type of business you operate will determine  the type of fence you choose.

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To maintain the appearance and longevity of vinyl fences  additives are used to protect the vinyl from the harmful effects of sunlight, to ensure the color stays bright and fresh, and  protect against impact and weather.